Immigration For Outstanding Professors And Researchers

EB-1 Visas

For organizations seeking to bring workers to the United States, there are a few viable options through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). When the person coming to the U.S. is an outstanding researcher or professor, the EB-1 first priority worker visa is usually the first option to consider. However, the process of obtaining this visa is particularly demanding, as a great deal of evidence is required to establish that an applicant truly is an outstanding professor or researcher.

At Ware|Immigration, we help corporations, nonprofits and other organizations with the process of obtaining EB-1 visas for immigration of outstanding professors and researchers. With more than 50 years of legal experience, our law firm provides clients with sound legal counsel and representation. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the various immigration options available to you, as well as the steps involved in the complex immigration process. From our home offices in New Orleans, Louisiana, we have been expanding for years to become a preeminent immigration firm in the southern United States, with offices in Florida and Seattle, Washington, and an office in Centennial.

EB-1 Outstanding Professor And Researcher Qualification

Outstanding professors and researchers make up one of three categories for EB-1 visa applicants. The other two are individuals of extraordinary ability and managers or executives employed in multinational corporations. One of the most important considerations involved with immigration for outstanding professors and researchers involves whether an applicant can show adequate evidence of being an outstanding professor or researcher. To qualify for an EB-1 visa, an applicant must have:

  • At least three years of experience in the field
  • International recognition as outstanding in a specific academic area
  • A specific kind of permanent employment — for a professor employed by a university, this must include a tenured or tenure track position; for researchers, this must include a position of indefinite duration

At Ware|Immigration, our attorneys can help you determine whether an applicant is likely to qualify for an EB-1 visa and, if so, we will help you through every stage of the process, using our experience and knowledge to provide counsel and insights during the process.

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