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The Ware | Immigration Team provides a wealth of knowledge and personalized service. Our attorneys at Ware Immigration bring more than 50 years of immigration experience and are rated as the Best Lawyers in America.

At Ware | Immigration, our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience with immigration law. Perhaps most critically, we truly care. Our attorneys choose to focus exclusively on immigration law matters because we have a passion for helping our clients through the complicated, often daunting, immigration process.

Let us help you obtain your immigration goals.

Headshot of Elaine Kimbrell

Elaine Kimbrell

Elaine Kimbrell is the Owner and Managing Attorney of Ware | Immigration. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in International Affairs from the George Washington…

Owner / Manager

Headshot of Charles A Mosher

Charles A Mosher

Mr. Mosher is the Managing Partner of the Seattle office of Ware Immigration. Prior to joining the firm, he was General Counsel and Director of Immigration…

Managing Partner (Seattle)

Headshot of Samantha Hechtman

Samantha Hechtman

Samantha Hechtman, Senior Associate Attorney, has practiced immigration law since 2013. Ms. Hechtman graduated cum laude from Rhodes College in 2007 where…

Senior Attorney

Headshot of Erin Colleen Hebert

Erin Colleen Hebert

Erin Hebert is a Senior Associate at Ware Immigration and leads the firm’s Family Immigration Team, Humanitarian Team, and Consular Processing Team…

Senior Attorney

Headshot of Natasha Jabbar

Natasha Jabbar

Natasha holds a J.D. from the University of Houston and joined Ware Immigration in 2021 with extensive experience in the field of immigration law. Natasha has provided…

Associate Attorney

Headshot of Brittany Nicole Odom

Brittany Nicole Odom

Brittany N. Odom is a New Orleans native who has worked in immigration law since 2014 when she began her career as the immigration legal services manager for Gulf…

Associate Attorney

Headshot of Maria Frischling

Maria Frischling

Maria E. Frischling is a Pittsburgh, PA native who has been practicing immigration law since 2022 and working in the immigration field since 2021. She earned a Bachelor…

Associate Attorney

Headshot of Amanda Matarazzo

Amanda Matarazzo

Amanda Matarazzo joined Ware | Immigration in January 2023 with nearly a decade of experience in immigration law. She graduated from New England School of Law | Boston…

Associate Attorney

Headshot of David A.M. Ware

David A.M. Ware

He has served on the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association’s Liaison Committee to the US Department of Labor, as well as the Healthcare Professionals/Physicians Committee…

Of Counsel

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