An L-1 visa is available to a multinational executive, manager or a person holding specialized knowledge who works for or owns a foreign enterprise. If the company has a U.S. subsidiary, parent company or affiliate that has a common ownership structure, it is possible to obtain an L-1 intracompany transferee visa. If the U.S. affiliate is newly opened, special restrictions will apply. In addition, the intracompany transferee must be employed for at least one year abroad prior to coming to the United States. The maximum period of admission for managers and executives is seven years, with a five-year limit for the specialized knowledge category.

The employer will have to prove ownership of both the U.S. and foreign enterprise and continued business operations for both businesses. Detailed job descriptions for both the U.S. and foreign positions will be required along with organizational charts and financial documents. Both the U.S. and foreign entity must be in continuous operation for the duration of the L-1s stay in the United States. Depending on the success of the U.S. and foreign enterprise, a multinational executive or manager may transition into permanent residence.

Spouses and minor children may accompany the L-1 holder in the L-2 states. In addition, spouses of L-1 visa holders are also allowed to obtain work authorization.

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