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March 2014 Archives

Greater number of black immigrants seeking U.S. citizenship

While much of the focus on immigration reform centers on Latino immigrants, immigrants of all cultural backgrounds face a number of challenges when trying to become citizens of the United States. Black immigrants, in particular, are having a great impact on Louisiana and the U.S. as a whole, both politically and socially. Nearly nine percent of the 40 million immigrants nationwide are black, making the total number of black immigrants close to 1.8 million. This number is nearly twice as high as it was in the year 2000.

Don't Miss Out! Last Chance to File H-1Bs

If you need to file new H-1Bs this week is your last chance. The next H-1B work visa filing season begins April 1, 2014 for petitions subject to the visa limitation of 78,200 new cases. There will most certainly be a lottery for the small number of H visas available, as there was last year. In all likelihood, USCIS will permit filing during the first five business days of the month, that is, Tuesday, April 1 through Monday April 7.

Activists fight to keep deportations to a minimum

Louisiana immigrants who are in the United States without legal status should know that there are many activists fighting for their rights. The most important goal for many of these activists is to put an end to deportations. These activists, as well as a variety of business, labor and religious groups, insist President Obama does something to limit the number of people sent back to their home countries. Their cries were heard in that the administration recently announced that they would be meeting with the Hispanic Congressional Caucus and reviewing current deportation policies.

Illegal immigrant families of US military may get legal status

There is great news ahead for the undocumented immigrant families of United States military members. Louisiana residents may have heard the news about a new Obama administration policy now allows for the spouses, parents and children of military members, to receive legal status and military benefits. This family immigration policy will greatly benefit thousands of immigrant families all over the nation.

Help may be available for unaccompanied child immigrants

Immigrants who flee their native countries to live in the United States face many problems when dealing with the complex immigration system in the United States. Children in particular are facing the most difficulties when dealing with US immigration law. Many of these immigrant children flee Central America and Mexico without their families and are forced to handle the immigration issues on their own.