Activists fight to keep deportations to a minimum

Louisiana immigrants who are in the United States without legal status should know that there are many activists fighting for their rights. The most important goal for many of these activists is to put an end to deportations. These activists, as well as a variety of business, labor and religious groups, insist President Obama does something to limit the number of people sent back to their home countries. Their cries were heard in that the administration recently announced that they would be meeting with the Hispanic Congressional Caucus and reviewing current deportation policies.

Immigrant rights activists are also currently asking state legislatures to stop assisting federal immigration authorities in the deportation of immigrants. While these groups’ immediate focus is to prevent deportation and encourage peace, they also want to make progress on the citizenship front.

They are fighting for legislation to grant citizenship to at least some immigrants who are already here illegally. In 2012, those who came here as children but have since graduated high school or served in the military were offered protection from deportation and given the right to work in the United States. Many activists are urging President Obama to extend this to other illegal immigrants.

With advances in US immigration law at a standstill and no indication that the issues will be resolved any time soon, immigration rights activists are willing to do whatever they can to make their voices heard. Many people have even physically blocked entrances to immigration detention centers and jails. Activists feel that by coming together as one and conducting more demonstrations, lawmakers will be more likely to pay attention. However, those who believe in restricting immigration even further do not encourage these bold tactics. With these activists fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants everywhere, there is hope that immigration issues will be resolved sooner rather than later.

Source: ABC News, “Immigrant Activists Push to Stop Deportations,” Nicholas Riccardi, March 18, 2014