Don’t Miss Out! Last Chance to File H-1Bs

If you need to file new H-1Bs this week is your last chance. The next H-1B work visa filing season begins April 1, 2014 for petitions subject to the visa limitation of 78,200 new cases. There will most certainly be a lottery for the small number of H visas available, as there was last year. In all likelihood, USCIS will permit filing during the first five business days of the month, that is, Tuesday, April 1 through Monday April 7.

It is vital for employers and their affected employees to get their paperwork to a qualified immigration attorney as soon as possible so that they don’t miss this once-a-year chance for the H1B. If you wish to utilize our office for your filing, please contact Elaine Kimbrell, or Julie Herzog, or 866-833-8308 immediately. Every day counts now!

Those not subject to the H1B quota don’t have to worry about filing during this period. This includes persons previously counted against the quota within the past six years, persons who work for institutions of higher education and affiliated non profits, persons who work for nonprofit research or government research organizations, and persons who work on the premises of a quota exempt employer for another entity. Certain physicians who came to the US for graduate medical training on J visas, are also not subject to the cap, once they receive a waiver of the two year home residence requirement.