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June 2016 Archives

Who is a 'special immigrant' for EB-4 purposes?

Each of the five main U.S. employment-based immigrant visa classes (permanent resident visa classes) covers a very different group of workers/immigrants. The EB-4 class is the class for "special immigrants." This class is somewhat unique among the employment-based visa classes, because rather than covering a general class of individuals, it covers a collection of very specific types of workers/immigrants.

B-1 visa holders and their dependent family members

There are many different business reasons that could lead a foreign businessperson to want to temporarily come into the United States. When a foreign businessperson wants temporary admittance into the U.S. in order to engage in business activities, one of the nonimmigrant visas they may qualify for is a B-1 visa. This is a nonimmigrant business visitor visa.

What could put your green card in danger?

Having a U.S. green card allows a person to live in the United States. Being granted such permanent resident status also gives a person a range of other rights, as we noted in a prior post. These rights are something an immigrant may cherish greatly and have worked incredibly hard to get. So, keeping their permanent resident status and the rights connected to it is something that may be among the highest priorities for a green card holder.

Some physicians eligible for a special national interest waiver

As we talked about in a previous post, there are some exceptions under which a foreign worker seeking an employment-based U.S permanent residency status that generally requires a labor certification does not need such a certification to be granted permanent resident status. One of these exceptions is if the worker receives a national interest waiver. This waiver not only clears a worker from the requirement to have a labor certification, but also the requirement that they must have a job offer.