What could put your green card in danger?

Having a U.S. green card allows a person to live in the United States. Being granted such permanent resident status also gives a person a range of other rights, as we noted in a prior post. These rights are something an immigrant may cherish greatly and have worked incredibly hard to get. So, keeping their permanent resident status and the rights connected to it is something that may be among the highest priorities for a green card holder.

Here in the U.S., permanent resident status is not something that sticks with a person regardless of what happens after it is granted. Rather, it is something that a person, under certain circumstances, could end up having taken from them.

There are various situations in which a green card holder could be at risk of losing their permanent resident status. Examples of things that could put a person’s green card in danger include:

  • Certain criminal or civil offenses.
  • Failing to follow rules related to their green card.
  • Engaging in conduct that could be viewed as indicating one is abandoning their permanent resident status (this is why it can be important for a U.S. green card holder to exercise appropriate care when it comes to their travels abroad).

Thus, there are many types of conduct a green card holder may want to stay well clear of.

Skilled immigration attorneys can advise green card holders on steps that can be taken to help maintain/safeguard their permanent resident status. Also, such attorneys can help green card holders who have been accused of conduct that could put their permanent resident status at risk with fighting to keep their status and permanent resident rights.

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