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March 2016 Archives

The effects of quotas on the H-1B program

An employer who desires to place a skilled foreign worker in a position here in the U.S. is may sometimes file an H-1B status petition for the worker. This is a temporary status which allows foreign workers in certain specialty occupations to come into the United States. Our H-1B FAQ page contains a discussion of what "specialty occupation" means when it comes to this visa program.

New employment immigration pilot program launches

One of the steps of the petitioning process for employers who are seeking an employment visa for a worker they desire to have work in their U.S. operations is for immigration officials to review the employer's eligibility to petition for foreign workers. As with many steps of the employment immigration process, this step has a lot of paperwork requirements.

An inadmissibility factor does not have to lead to an immigration dead end

There are all kinds of things U.S. immigration officials look at when considering immigration petitions for individuals from a foreign country. One is if the foreign national in question has any inadmissibility factors, which can lead to a find of inadmissiblity, thus creating a ground for denying an immigration petition.