An inadmissibility factor does not have to lead to an immigration dead end

There are all kinds of things U.S. immigration officials look at when considering immigration petitions for individuals from a foreign country. One is if the foreign national in question has any inadmissibility factors, which can lead to a find of inadmissiblity, thus creating a ground for denying an immigration petition.

There are many different types of inadmissibility factors, including factors related to:

  • Criminal offenses.
  • Fraud/misrepresentation.
  • Unlawful presence.
  • Health.
  • Economic circumstances.

Having an inadmissibility factor can create major immigration complications for a foreign national. However, it does not automatically mean that the individual will be absolutely unable to achieve their immigration goals.

This is because, depending on the circumstances, an individual who has an inadmissibility factor may be able to get a waiver regarding the factor. Such a waiver can allow such an individual to get an asked-for immigration benefit despite the inadmissibility factor.

Whether a person with an inadmissibility factor could qualify for a waiver and what the person would need to show to receive a waiver depends on the specific inadmissibility factor they have. Descriptions of the waiver policies for certain inadmissibility factors can be seen on our inadmissibility waivers page

As this discussion illustrates, immigration complications do not have to mean an end of a person’s chances of getting the immigration benefits they are requesting, but such complications need to be addressed carefully.

Our firm can give individuals seeking to make immigration requests honest assessments of whether they would be likely to face any complications, such as complications related to inadmissibility factors, when it comes to their efforts. We also are knowledgeable of inadmissibility waiver law and other potential ways to get around immigration complications, and can help individuals with responding to immigration complications.