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January 2016 Archives

Time-frame factors regarding U.S. citizen family immigration

How much time the process of seeking a green card for an eligible relative of a U.S. citizen takes can be affected by many factors. One is what happens in relation to the immigration petition. For example, mishaps when it comes to petitioning, such as not filing the right forms, could delay the process. This is among the reasons why having an experienced lawyer help with the petitioning process can be so important for a U.S. citizen when trying to get a family member a green card.

Fee increase for certain U.S. work visa petitions

One of the things trying to hire a foreign worker for a position here in the U.S. generally involves for an employer is petitioning for a visa for the worker. This petitioning process has many requirements attached to it, and following the applicable requirements is vital for employers. Experienced immigration lawyers can give companies looking to hire foreign workers information on what specific requirements they will have to meet in relation to U.S. visa petitions for the workers in question.

When a non-citizen is accused of a crime in the U.S.

For anyone here in the U.S., being accused of committing a crime can be a terrifying thing. It can be especially scary though for non-citizens. This is because, in addition to the normal concerns criminal accusations can raise, immigration concerns can come up when a permanent resident or other non-citizen is facing such accusations.

Can a U.S. citizen petition for a green card for a sibling?

Under U.S. immigration law, there are certain relatives that U.S. citizens are allowed to petition for permanent resident status for. Brothers and sisters are included among the family members citizens can sponsor for a green card. As a note, a citizen has to be at least 21 to petition for a green card for a sibling.