When a non-citizen is accused of a crime in the U.S.

For anyone here in the U.S., being accused of committing a crime can be a terrifying thing. It can be especially scary though for non-citizens. This is because, in addition to the normal concerns criminal accusations can raise, immigration concerns can come up when a permanent resident or other non-citizen is facing such accusations.

This is because criminal convictions can have major immigration implications. Immigration consequences such convictions sometimes trigger include a revocation of one’s immigration status and removal. Thus, when accused of a crime, a non-citizen may be quite worried about whether the matter will jeopardize their ability to stay in America.

The laws regarding criminal convictions and their effect on immigration issues here in the U.S. are quite complex. They include extensive detailed rules, such as rules regarding what qualifies as a criminal conviction for immigration purposes and how different types of convictions are treated when it comes to immigration matters.

It is very important for non-citizens who have been accused of criminal offenses here in the U.S. to have a clear understanding of how U.S. immigration law could impact what immigration consequences may result from a criminal case.

Thus, when facing criminal accusations, a non-citizen should consider seeking out an immigration attorney’s guidance on the immigration issues connected to their case.

If you are interested in learning more about criminal convictions and immigration law, consider starting your search for more information by visiting our immigration law firm’s page on the topic.