R-1 work visa holders and family immigration issues

Employment immigration matters sometimes intersect with family immigration matters. This is understandable considering that an immigrant may desire that his or her family may be able to join in the United States.

Take the R-1 work visa for example. This is a visa for religious workers. Being granted R-1 status authorizes a person to work on a temporary basis in religious occupations in the United States. When a person has R-1 status, their spouse and minor children generally are eligible for a special kind of visa, an R-2 visa. 

When a family member of an R-1 worker is granted R-2 status, they are allowed to come into the United States. However, there are limitations that go along with R-2 status. One is that R-2 status does not authorize an R-1 visa holder’s family members to work in America.

When a person who has a work visa, such as an R-1 visa, is trying to get a visa for their family members, it can be important for them to understand the different options available and what these different options would mean for what their family members would be authorized to do in America. 

Our firm has experience in both employment immigration matters and family immigration matters. We can provide assistance to individuals seeking an R-1 visa or other work visas when it comes to the specifics of the process of trying to get a work visa. We can also help holders of U.S. work visas with immigration issues regarding their family.