Free increase for individuals seeking certain types of visas

Those hoping to enter the United States to live and work in Louisiana often find that the process is complex and sometimes confusing. In addition to filing paperwork, submitting to interviews and meeting other requirements, there are also fees that the applicant must pay. Recently, there was an announcement from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services that these fees would be increasing 

The first fee increase since 2016 

Since 2016, the fees for visa applications have remained the same. Starting April 1, 2024, some visa administration fees will increase, but the specific amount depends on the type of visa. One reason for this increase is that most operations by the USCIS are funded by these fees. One of the most significant fee increases is for the H-1B visa, which is for skilled individuals who will come to the U.S. for three years to work. The fees will go from $10 to $215, and it will take effect next year. 

In addition to the fees depending on the type of visa, fees may also be based on whether someone is filing electronically or through a paper application. For some types of visas, the employer may pay the fees. The increased fees are hoped to provide the USCIS with the funds needed to address application backlogs. 

Help with the immigration process 

The immigration process can be complex and confusing. It may be helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced Louisiana attorney who can provide insight regarding how to navigate immigration concerns. An assessment of one’s goals can help a visa applicant to know what steps will be necessary to move forward.