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July 2014 Archives

Ms. Gasparian Goes Live on Loisirslit Online Radio

"Loisirslit is a radio show that is dedicated to giving the community of New Orleans access to information about ways to improve literacy, arts, music, fashion, and healthy living in this city; exposure to people of various educational, professional, and cultural backgrounds; and inspire citizens to become change-agents for literacy, arts, music, fashion, and healthy living in this city via live, weekly, two-hour radio broadcasts."

Surge in child immigrants creates concern for refugees

The decision to leave one's home country and relocate to the United States is not an easy one to make. Furthermore, depending on their resources and opportunities waiting for them in states like Louisiana, some immigrants must go through rough and lengthy battles to enter the country. This could lead to immigrants illegally entering the nation because the legal channels are not readily available to them. Although the immigrant could face deportation due to their lack of status, a refugee might have an opportunity to prevent or defer deportation based on the details of their situation.

New bill may assist in Louisiana immigration reform

Illegal immigration and border control issues have become a major issue in the United States with the influx of unaccompanied children from Central America, who risk their lives for a chance to come to America. Two bipartisan lawmakers plan to introduce a border bill that will hopefully have a positive impact on US Immigration Law.

President Obama plans to take action on immigration reform

When Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner, informed President Obama that the House would not vote on immigration legislation this year, Obama vowed to use his executive power to push change along. US Immigration law reform has been at a standstill ever since the House refused to pass a bill that the Senate passed a year ago. Obama plans to use his Presidential power to make sure certain elements of his agenda are carried out, even if he is criticized by Republicans for his use of this power.