New bill may assist in Louisiana immigration reform

Illegal immigration and border control issues have become a major issue in the United States with the influx of unaccompanied children from Central America, who risk their lives for a chance to come to America. Two bipartisan lawmakers plan to introduce a border bill that will hopefully have a positive impact on US Immigration Law.

Republicans and Democrats have been unable to see eye-to-eye in recent months, putting a damper on immigration reform. Congress is three weeks away from summer recess, and a new proposal will give everyone something to consider.

The proposal, written by Republican Senator John Cornyn and Democratic Representative Henry Cueller, will modify a 2008 law, which removed a requirement that all unaccompanied Mexican and Canadian minors get a mandatory hearing before getting sent back. This hearing requirement may have helped create the current backlog of immigration cases.

The new legislation will help send back immigration children faster, while also giving those that are eligible to stay an appeals process. Children who are in fear of persecution or are victims of human trafficking can appear before a judge, who will be required to make a decision within 72 hours. By appealing to both Democrats and Republicans, the proposal may be just the ticket to bringing the parties together on this polarizing issue.

It is unclear whether the Republican House will move the bill, but many are waiting to hear recommendations from lawmakers before making any decisions. With this new bill, many Louisiana immigrants may learn to have faith in the immigration system. Nonetheless, this situation shows how complicated US Immigration Law can be, and the need for an experienced immigration attorney.

Source: KDVR FOX 31, “Bipartisan bill could reduce immigration strain – if it can pass Congress,” July 14, 2014