Positive news for STEM workers applying for employment visas

It is the dream of many to live and work in the United States, but it is often difficult to secure permission to do so by obtaining a visa. Some individuals can accomplish this goal based on special skills or their ability to fill certain important roles in specific types of industries. For foreign-born individuals who have been applying for STEM-based jobs in Louisiana and other states, there is a recent indication that suggests this process may be a bit easier now than in the past.

More visa approvals, more important roles filled

It can take years, even decades, for some qualified individuals to receive permission to enter the United States. There may be delays or denials, and some applicants may find the application process to be cumbersome and difficult. However, recent data from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services indicates that more foreign-born workers are getting the approval they need and deserve.

This is good news for visa applicants looking to work in fields related to math, engineering, science and technology. One reason for the increase in these positive rulings is a recent change to guidelines that affect the approval process. Immigration advocates have found these to be positive changes that brought discernible improvement.

Assistance with the immigration process

Seeking a visa for employment purposes is not a simple endeavor. It can be difficult to determine how to move forward and what steps are necessary to complete the application process. It is often helpful to have the assistance and support of a Louisiana immigration attorney who can provide insight at every step of the process.