Facts about green cards

Having the right and privilege to live permanently in the United States is a goal for many, but it is not always simple to accomplish this goal. One of the ways to obtain permission to live in this country on a permanent basis is through obtaining a green card. Since 1820, the United States has given over 88,000,000 individuals permanent residence status, and it is estimated that around 14% of the entire population is foreign born. 

The benefits of lawful permanent status 

Those with lawful permanent status in Louisiana can own property, join the military, get financial aid for education and more. A green card paves the way for an immigrant to eventually obtain full citizenship. It is estimated that approximately 44% of green card acceptances between 1986 and 2022 were new arrivals to the country. 

There are different processes through which someone can apply for and obtain a green card. One of the most common ways to obtain admittance is through family relations, such as being related to a U.S. citizen or to someone who is currently residing in the country. Other ways to obtain a green card is through seeking asylum, employment, seeking protection against abuse or human trafficking and more.  

Applying for a green card 

Even for qualified individuals, applying for a green card can be a difficult process. It is helpful to work with an experienced Louisiana attorney with knowledge in immigration law when navigating these steps. An assessment of one’s immigration goals can provide insight regarding what options are available and how to move forward.