Choosing between permanent residence and citizenship

When one wants to immigrate permanently to the United States, there are two ways in which to do so. Immigrating permanently to Louisiana, or any other state in the nation means one can take advantage of job opportunities and other benefits of living in the United States. While citizenship is a goal of many, those who don’t wish to complete the lengthy and often complicated process of gaining their United States citizenship may choose permanent residence instead.

How permanent residence works

One of the downsides when comparing permanent residence to citizenship is that one can still be deported, even as a permanent resident, if convicted of certain crimes. U.S. citizens have the option of living anywhere in the world, while those with permanent residence must reside in the United States. Long, and in some cases, even brief travel outside of the United States can lead to a revocation of one’s permanent residence status.

Another benefit of citizenship over permanent residence is the ability to vote in elections, allowing one to take part in choosing elected officials. Many people come to the United States to work and establish themselves in hopes of helping other family members immigrate. Once citizenship is established, one may help any immediate relatives find a path for immigration. Those with permanent residence may only help spouses and unmarried children.

Seek help during the immigration process

Establishing permanent residence or going through the citizenship process is often better done with someone by one’s side who understands the laws. Those wishing to establish themselves permanently in Louisiana or any other state may wish to consult an attorney to understand the process. An immigration attorney can help one choose the right path based on their wants and needs.