What types of questions are on a citizenship test?

One of the ultimate goals held by those who want to come to the United States to live and work is to eventually become citizens. Citizenship holds many benefits, including the ability to vote and protection from deportation, but there are certain requirements one must meet in order to accomplish this goal. The final step in the citizenship process is passing a naturalization test, which is harder than many anticipate it will be.

Preparing for the naturalization test

Those who are approaching the naturalization test will benefit from looking ahead to prepare for what is ahead. This can be a difficult test to pass, and it assesses the applicant’s comprehension and grasp of English, as well as comprehension of United States civics and government. One hundred different questions could be asked, and they are split into 10 different categories.

Each test taker will answer one question from each category, and he or she must answer six of them correctly to pass. If the individual does not pass the first time, he or she may attempt to take the test up to two more times. The date of the retest will depend on the initial interview.

Navigating immigration concerns

For immigration matters ranging from visas to naturalization, it is beneficial to have an experienced legal ally at every step. As each case is unique, it is important to seek an individual assessment of one’s need to discern the legal options available. Immigration law is complex, and having the assistance of an attorney can be critical to one’s success.