Securing work permits continues to be a problem for many

One of the most complex aspects of coming to the United States is securing permission to work. Many individuals immigrate to the United States and live in Louisiana with the intention of seeking employment and making a better life for their families. However, many immigrants find that it is difficult to get the necessary permits to work and even more difficult to secure the appropriate visas if they wish to remain in the country long-term.

The struggles of immigrants trying to work

Last year, the Biden Administration launched a program that would allow as many as 30,000 people per month from specific countries. Individuals from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Haiti and Cuba are eligible. However, many of these new arrivals find that it has been extremely difficult to secure the work permits they need to begin their new lives here due to long processing times, and it has led to stress for both their sponsors and their families.

Authorities are working to speed up the application process. Expediting the process will allow deserving individuals to begin working as soon as possible. There is hope that the process could be reduced from 90 days down to 30 days.

Assistance with the immigration process

The immigration process can be arduous and complicated. It is beneficial to work with an experienced Louisiana legal professional who can provide guidance and support at every step. Whether an individual is seeking a work permit or visa or is pursuing another immigration goal, this guidance is critical in order to navigate the process effectively and avoid setbacks.