Immigrant professionals may benefit from recent executive order

It can be particularly difficult for an individual to enter the United States for the purpose of employment in Louisiana. There are limited numbers of visas available each year in each specific category of employment, and even qualified applicants may find the process to be difficult and frustrating. A recent executive order from President Biden may help visa applicants who have a background in working with Artificial Intelligence. 

Hope for certain visa applicants 

At the end of last month, President Biden issued a new executive order on the future use of AI. The order recognizes the important role that immigrants play in the tech industry, including qualified higher-education students and highly skilled visa holders. Immigrants play a strong role in the development of this technology in the United States, having had a founding role in as many as two-thirds of companies working on AI. 

The order states that within 90 days of it going into effect, different United States agencies will streamline the process of applying for certain visas. These agencies will also improve processing times. The intent of this is to allow skilled and qualified applicants to be placed in AI roles quickly. 

Assistance with application 

The immigration process can be difficult and confusing. An applicant will benefit from having experienced guidance on his or her side at every step. When seeking a visa for a specific type of job, such as one in the tech industry, a Louisiana attorney knowledgeable in immigration laws can be an invaluable source of support and guidance at every step.