Securing a green card as a special immigrant

It can be remarkably difficult to secure permission to enter the United States to live and work. Most people navigating it find the immigration process to be difficult, confusing and overwhelming, and even determining one’s eligibility for certain types of green cards is not easy. One category that could be an option for some is a green card for special immigrants. Understanding eligibility requirements is important as it can help one avoid setbacks. 

Eligibility for a green card 

Having a green card means that the person holding the green card has permission to reside in the United States on a permanent basis. Obtaining this status means that the individual has met certain criteria and has completed the application process. There are different categories of green cards, and one is for special immigrants. Those who may apply for this type of green card include: 

  • A juvenile immigrant who needs the protection of the court 
  • A religious worker who is coming to the United States to work for a non-profit 
  • Individuals who served as an Afghan or Iraqi translator for the U.S. armed forces or government 
  • International broadcasters 

There are limited numbers of green cards available in each category per year, some categories allow family members to apply as well. 

Seeking a beneficial outcome 

An applicant does not have to walk through the green card application alone. It will benefit each person applying for a special immigrant green card to work with an experienced attorney as he or she pursues individual goals. An assessment of one’s case will determine if one is eligible and what steps he or she should take