Many Haitian migrants are ready to work in the United States

Individuals seek to come to the United States for many different reasons. Some want to provide a better life for their family, some want to attend school and others may want to simply live safely and without threat of violence or upheaval. For many migrants arriving from Haiti, they want to do all of these things. Most are ready and eager to begin working in the United States, but they find the process of gaining legal permission to do socomplicated and cumbersome.

Getting the necessary work permits

In order to legally hold a job in Louisiana or other places in the United States, an individual must have the appropriate permits to do so. Getting a permit is not easy, even if the individual followed the required steps in a timely manner. Many from Haiti fled violence and uncertainty in their home country, and many U.S. employers are eager to fill certain jobs. However, it can take months or years to get a work permit.

Immigration advocates support measures that would reduce red tape and expedite the process of securing permits to work. This process currently keeps many from working, providing for their families and contributing to their new communities. Streamlining the process could be good for immigrants and employers alike.

Fighting for immigration rights

For an individual applying to work in Louisiana, the process can be complicated. It may be helpful to have the support of an experienced attorney to navigate this system. This support may make the process of obtaining a work permit easier and without encountering unnecessary setbacks.