Visa problems are impacting students

For as long as the United States has had institutes of higher learning, people from all over the world have wanted to enter the country for exceptional education opportunities. To this day, large numbers of international students come to Louisiana and other states to attend college and get experience in specific fields and industries. Unfortunately, visa refusals and other immigration complications have reduced the number of students able to enter the United States. 

A decline in numbers indicates bigger problems 

Statistics estimate that there were approximately 15% fewer students for the 2021-2022 academic year than there were in 2016-2017. However, the number of international students studying in Canada has increased significantly. One reason why bright and talented students are choosing to study in that country is the fact that it is significantly more difficult in the United States to secure temporary work visas and obtain a path to citizenship. 

Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of student visas denied. In 2022, F-1 student visa applications had a denial rate of 35%. Due to restrictions on the number of visas available for students from specific countries, some may find it more challenging than others to secure permission to enter the country. 

Navigating the immigration process 

It is not easy to navigate the immigration process and successfully secure the necessary visas one may need to study in the United States. Those hoping to live, learn and eventually work in Louisiana or other parts of the country will benefit from seeking legal guidance. An attorney can provide insight regarding how to complete the application process and pursue a beneficial outcome to immigration concerns.