Students may be able to enter the U.S. for work experience

It is the dream of many to enter the United States to live, get an education and work. Qualified individuals in certain types of educational programs in different countries may be able to come to Louisiana and other states to gain work experience in their fields. There will be an additional eight fields of study added to STEM OPT, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics Optional Practical Training.

Competing for qualified workers

One of the reasons for these additions is to provide qualified students the opportunity to receive on-the-job training and invaluable work experience in the United States. This is especially important as other countries are becoming increasingly more competitive as they try to attract qualified workers to fill certain types of important roles. STEM OPT offers important opportunities to students who may later decide to work for U.S.-based companies.

This announcement may help retain students and potential H-1B visa applicants. Recent immigration restrictions and visa limitations have led to valuable workers and students choosing to go to Canada and other countries instead of the United States. It is hoped that this step could benefit the U.S. economy and attract critical workers and students.

Succeeding with immigration goals

If one has concerns regarding his or her immigration options, it may help to discuss concerns with an experienced Louisiana attorney. This knowledgeable guidance can provide insight into the most practical and beneficial steps. An assessment of one’s immigration goals can provide insight into important steps that will be useful when seeking entry into the United States.