Protections extended to hundreds of thousands of immigrants

Entering the United States to live and work is a remarkably complex process, and it is difficult for even the most qualified individuals to secure visas and accomplish their immigration goals. Recently, the Biden Administration announced that it would extend protections for over 330,000 immigrants who are currently living and working in the country under Temporary Protected Status. These individuals are from Honduras, Nepal, El Salvador and Nicaragua, and some likely reside in Louisiana.  

Temporary status under threat 

The status of these immigrants was under threat during the Trump Administration, even though they had been granted TPS. During his presidency, Trump tried to end many TPS programs in his effort to stem illegal immigration. TPS is often granted to those who come from countries upset by war, extraordinary crisis or natural disaster, and revoking it could place innocent individuals in significant danger. 

While Biden did extend TPS protections, his administration is not working to extend these programs or redesignate which immigrants could qualify for this status. It should be noted that TPS does not benefit new arrivals, but some have expressed concerns that extended TPS programs could encourage illegal entry. Some individuals with TPS have lived and worked in the United States for decades, and many have had children born in the country. 

Fighting for immigration goals 

Those seeking a change in status or an appropriate visa by which they can enter the U.S. will benefit from legal assistance. An experienced Louisiana attorney can provide insight regarding the legal steps necessary to protect one’s immigration goals. The immigration process is fraught with complications, but one does not have to navigate them alone.