Restricting H-1B visas is harmful to the U.S. economy

Many qualified workers who wish to enter the United States to live and work find the process of obtaining permission to do so complicated and frustrating. Multiple factors have made it increasingly difficult for Louisiana employers to fill critical positions and qualified potential employees to find work. One of the factors is the unnecessary restriction of H-1B visas, something that has proven to be harmful to the U.S. economy.  

Results of a national survey 

A recent survey that focused on employment immigration found that visa restrictions have negative impacts on multiple areas. H-1B visas are employment-based visas for individuals who are qualified to work in specialty occupations. The study found that the current restrictions on the number of H1-B visas have resulted in sending more jobs outside of the United States, something that has a negative impact on the overall health of the economy. 

Companies are more likely to send their jobs outside of the country simply because they need specifically trained and qualified individuals to meet certain needs. These jobs were originally intended to remain in the country. Results of the study suggest that increasing visa availability can bring benefits in multiple areas. 

Seeking entry into the U.S. 

Individuals looking to come to the U.S. for work purposes will benefit from the guidance and support of an experienced Louisiana immigration attorney. This support can be critical for those navigating the visa application process. With guidance, it may be easier to obtain permission to enter the United States and accomplish one’s immigration goals.