Current immigration policies could negatively impact many

While many individuals dream of coming to live and work in the United States, few are able to navigate the entire process and obtain the necessary permission to do. Whether it is for employment purposes, personal safety or to reunite with family in Louisiana, the process an individual must go through to get visas and meet other requirements is difficult, lengthy and confusing. Immigration advocates and others believe that current immigration policies are harmful, placing many in a difficult position as they await what’s next.

A population in limbo

One of the goals of President Biden was to ease some of the backlog in visa application processing and to implement policies that are fairer and more accessible. The current policies are allowing hundreds of thousands of individuals to remain in the country, yet this leaves them in a difficult legal position. However, this protection will not last forever.

The permission for these individuals to remain in the country comes from something called parole. This is a tool that the President can use at his discretion as a way to respond to an immigration crisis. If these people wish to remain in the country past the two-year grace period, they will have to navigate a complex immigration process.

Legal options for immigrants

Those hoping to enter the United States will find it beneficial to have guidance at every step. A Louisiana immigration attorney can provide support and assistance for any individual applying for a visa or facing another immigration challenge. The legal hurdles can be significant, but with the right help, it may be easier to walk through this process.