The types of visas available to immigrants

Many dream of entering the United States to live and work. One of the challenges that many immigrants face is securing the appropriate permission to do so by applying for a visa. There are a variety of visas for which one could apply, but the right one depends on the reason why an individual wishes to come to Louisiana to live and work. It may be helpful for an immigrant to understand the differences between visas while working toward accomplishing his or her immigration goals. 

Making the right choice 

There are different visas that could give one permission to come into the United States, including employment visas, temporary visas and more. There are specific numbers of visas available each year, and there are different eligibility requirements for each. Some of the common types of visas include: 

  • Temporary non-immigration visa – This is for someone who needs to come to the United States to work for a limited time. These visas take five to seven months to process. 
  • Permanent workers – This visa is for someone who wishes to reside in the United States on a permanent basis for employment purposes. 
  • Exchange visitors and students – These visas are for students who need to come into the U.S. for educational purposes, such as an exchange student program. 

An assessment of one’s goals will help to understand which visa is the best choice and how to move forward with the application process. 

Why help is necessary 

The immigration process is complex, regardless of which visa one needs. It is helpful to work with an experienced Louisiana immigration attorney to determine the best visa for the individual situation and how to proceed. This assistance will prove beneficial in the event of challenges or setbacks during the application process.