The citizenship test could be changing soon

It is the dream of many to live and work in the United States. Immigrants want to come for work opportunities, freedom from persecution, personal safety, family reunification and much more. For many in Louisiana, this includes becoming a citizen of the United States, a privilege that will provide them with many different benefits. This option is only available to those who meet certain requirements, including a citizenship test. In 2023, immigrants could see changes to these tests, and they will benefit from preparing for the modifications.

Updates and changes to a critical test

In the past, there have been updates and changes made to the citizenship test. In a recent announcement from the Department of Homeland Security, it was stated that there would be a trial period before permanent alterations to the existing test are made. The trial test will be implemented over a five-month period in 2023. The current test consists of parts pertaining to writing, civics, reading and grasp of the English language.

The reading and writing portions of the test are not expected to change. The trial test will focus on civic education, which is a knowledge of how the U.S. government works. There will also be changes to the portion that focuses on speaking English and comprehension.

Preparing for Citizenship

An immigrant in Louisiana will benefit from seeking legal guidance when attempting to become a U.S. citizen. This includes preparation for the citizenship test. This guidance is helpful from even the earliest stages of the immigration process, possibly allowing one to avoid setbacks and other complications that can arise.