Proposed bill brings hope to those waiting on green cards

The immigration process is difficult and complicated for those who are waiting to enter the country and seek a better life in the United States. Immigrants who are already in Louisiana. may want to remain here permanently, but the process of applying for and obtaining a green card is complicated. A proposed bill brings hope to those waiting for green cards as it could make the process of obtaining one easier. 

Making the immigration process easier 

A few weeks ago, a senator brought a bill to Congress for consideration. The bill would allow millions of people already living and working in the United States the ability to remain in the country. By allowing these individuals to have green cards, the federal government could be providing relief to those who have already been seeking a path to citizenship. 

If passed, immigrants who have already lived and worked in the United States for at least seven years would be eligible for a green card. This would happen by changing a current facet of immigration law known as the registry. Eligible undocumented immigrants and others of different immigration statuses would register for a green card, and all would have to submit to a criminal and national security check. 

Navigating the immigration system 

Each Louisiana immigrant seeking a green card or other immigration goals will benefit from experienced legal help. An assessment of the specific situation will provide insight into how one can accomplish his or her immigration objectives. Regardless of possible changes to the immigration system, it will be beneficial to have guidance at every step.