Numbers of work-based visas approaching record levels

Living and working in the United States is the dream of many, and the U.S. immigration system offers options that often allow those who live outside of this country to accomplish this goal. One option for someone hoping to enter Louisiana for work purposes is an employment visa, and there are different visa categories based on the specific type of work one may be doing. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is processing work-based visas at a higher rate than it has in years. 

Record numbers of employment visas 

The USCIS has struggled the last few years to keep up with the number of visa applications received. Because of the pandemic and staffing shortages, many visa applications languished in the system for an extended time before approval or denial. By processing visas faster, employers will be able to fill certain roles with highly-skilled individuals, and wait times have been cut significantly. 

This is good news for both employers and those hoping to come to the United States for work. However, these faster processing times may not last. Proposals in Congress may change the caps on certain types of visas, yet it is not clear if that reform measure will pass. 

Coming to the United States 

Those hoping to secure an employment-based visa will benefit from seeking the guidance of an experienced Louisiana attorney. An assessment of the applicant’s goals will determine which visa could be the best for his or her individual situation. With knowledgeable legal assistance, it may lower the chance of complications and setbacks throughout the process.