End of Title 42 brings hope to immigrant families

Immigration advocates and many others believe that certain policies still in place are both unfair and unnecessary for Louisiana immigrants and their families. Title 42 is a policy put into place by the former presidential administration during the pandemic as a measure to prevent potentially exposed individuals from entering the United States. However, the current administration plans to remove Title 42 soon, bringing hope to immigrant families waiting for reunification. 

Is it an unfair policy? 

This health policy was used by border officials to turn people away if they were coming from places with high infection rates. However, many believe it was simply used to deter immigrants and those seeking asylum in the United States. Immigration advocates said that Title 42 denied immigrants’ rights to due process and led to the unnecessary separation of many families. 

The end of Title 42 could bring positive changes for families. There are those already in the United States who have been waiting to bring loved ones to them, yet they have not been able to because of this policy. While there are plenty of individuals who support the end of Title 42, there are others who believe ending the policy could have a negative impact. 

Help for immigrants and their families 

The immigration process is complex and frustrating, especially when existing laws and policies prevent immigrant families from being together. Those who are navigating the process may benefit from the help and support of an experienced Louisiana attorney. This type of assistance may help lower the chance of complications and issues that could stand between an individual and his or her immigration goals.