The tech industry needs more immigrant workers

U.S. immigration laws allow immigrants to secure permission to enter the country each year for specific work-related purposes. Individuals hoping to come live and work in Louisiana may seek employment visas to fulfill specific needs of American employers. The tech industry employs many immigrant workers, and the slowdown in visa processing could be harming this field overall.

Green cards and workers

Due to a backlog in visa applications that accumulated due to pandemic-related shutdowns, tech employers worry their workers won’t be able to secure green cards. This has led to concern that the extremely long wait times to secure visas could lead to highly skilled immigrants to work in other countries. The loss of these skilled individuals could be harmful to the U.S. tech industry as it tries to make up for the lack of workers.

There are around 280,000 employment-based green cards available this year. Estimates suggest that the inability to process applications quickly enough could lead to a waste of about 100,000 of them. Experts suggest that it could take years or decades to process visa applications, and in the meantime, the American tech industry could lose its competitive advantage.

Help for the immigration process

It is a complicated and lengthy process for individuals seeking employment-based visas. Those seeking permission to enter the United States to live and work in Louisiana will benefit from the guidance of an experienced immigration law attorney. This support can be invaluable as one navigates the challenges associated with securing permission to enter the country and the appropriate visa.