New proposal offers hope for undocumented immigrants

Immigration continues to be one of the most complex and highly contested issues for U.S. lawmakers, and it often seems as if no meaningful change will ever happen. However, a recently proposed bill offers some hope for undocumented immigrants in Louisiana who need to obtain permanent resident status. This proposal also includes elements that would increase security at the southern border of the country. 

What is the dignity program? 

Under the dignity program recently proposed by a lawmaker, undocumented immigrants would receive an easier and simpler path to citizenship. Undocumented individuals who have lived in the country for at least five years could receive permission to work in the United States legally. They would have to pay $1,000 annually into a fund designated for the training of American workers. After 10 years, they could be eligible for citizenship if requirements are met. 

The intent of the program is to offer certain opportunities to undocumented workers who have been in the country for years, living, working and paying taxes. The proposed legislation would also allow undocumented immigrants brought to the country to change their residence status. The lawmaker who proposed this bills states that she hopes this will reduce illegal immigration and offer dignity to illegal immigrants. 

Help for immigrants 

Those seeking to live and work in Louisiana after entering the United States may benefit from the assistance and guidance of an experienced immigration law attorney. This counsel may also be useful for those who are already in the country but wish to seek permanent resident status. An assessment of the specific situation will reveal which options are available to the immigrant and his or her family.