How can employees stay in the United States permanently?

Living and working in the United States is a privilege desired by many individuals around the world. One of the main reasons for immigrants to enter this country is for employment purposes, often filling specialized roles. Immigrants who are currently employed in the United States, living and working in Louisiana on a temporary visa, may want to remain in the country permanently. There are certain types of visas that may allow them to do this.

Applying for a permanent visa

Both organizations and individuals may need to know about the regulations in place for permanent work-based visas. In most cases, those seeking permanent residence for work purposes first seek a temporary visa. Eventually they may seek a different type of visa. Those who could be eligible for a permanent visa include:

  • Outstanding researchers and professors
  • Religious workers
  • Individuals of extraordinary ability

There are also waivers and certain types of certifications that may allow a deserving individual to enter the United States for a specific employment purpose. Immigrants play a crucial role in the U.S. labor force, filling unique and specialized positions that may otherwise go unfilled.

Help for employment-based immigration needs

Individuals and organizations with employment-based immigration needs will benefit from the assistance of an experienced Louisiana immigration attorney. This guidance is important for navigating application processes and understanding the appropriate visa for which to apply. All immigration processes are challenging, complex and confusing, and those seeking a permanent work visa will benefit from first learning about his or her legal options.