Immigration options for investors and entrepreneurs

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Entering the United States for work or business purposes is a complex process that comes with many challenges. Investors and entrepreneurs who are investing in the operations of a Louisiana-based business could have certain immigration options available to them, specifically certain types of visas that would allow them entry. There are immigration options for those with hopes of staying in the country both short and long-term.

Applying for the right type of visa

Immigrant investors and entrepreneurs may need to enter the United States to oversee their investment and participate in certain critical functions of the business. The specific types of visas and immigration options available for investors, organizations and certain types of entrepreneurs include:

  • Permanent residence through investment – Depending on the details of the individual situation, foreign nationals may have the option to secure permanent residence status by investing in U.S. commercial business.
  • Investors and treaty traders E-1/E-2 – Individuals and employees from certain countries may be able to secure entry into the country by making significant investments in a U.S. commercial operation.

A potential investor or entrepreneur may benefit from learning more about these options to determine the most effective route for achieving his or her immigration goals.

Experienced guidance is key

It is beneficial to work with an experienced Louisiana attorney when navigating immigration concerns. Investors and entrepreneurs have options available to them when trying to obtain entry into the United States for commercial purposes. To identify best way forward, it will be prudent to seek an assessment of the individual case.

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