Even with visas, entering the United States is complex for some

Entry into the United States for individuals who are citizens of other countries can be a complicated process. Those who have been able to obtain certain types of visas should be able to enter the country and live in Louisiana, but unfortunately, some find this difficult. Last year, 2,100 Afghans won the lottery for visas, but they may not be able to actually come to the United States.

Trying to move to safety

Living in Afghanistan has become increasingly dangerous after the Taliban takeover. Even though thousands of families were selected for visas last year, many remain unable to leave. This is due to a failure on the part of the U.S. government to schedule their visa interviews in a timely manner. If there is no intervention from a U.S. judge by the end of the month, those selected will no longer be eligible for a visa.

These individuals and families were selected through the diversity visa program. Every year, this program awards green cards to applicants from countries that have lower immigration rates through a lottery. The government must interview the winners and award visas by a certain date in order for those individuals to still be eligible.

What can applicants do?

Complications and setbacks are unfortunately common in the U.S. immigration system. Applicants seeking visas or those already awarded visas may benefit from legal guidance in order to fully understand how to enter the country and take the next steps as quickly as possible. An attorney can provide the support and counsel necessary to increase the chance of success in an immigration case.