Coming to the United States for work purposes

Entering the United States can be a complex and seemingly hopeless process for some non-citizens. The immigration process is complex, and even those who follow the right application processes and take the appropriate steps may still find themselves facing challenges. In some cases, a path for immigration exists through certain types of employment opportunities. Specific types of employees may be able to secure visas on the basis of the type of work they do. 

Employment-based immigration 

The United States only allows 140,000 people to enter the country each year on employment-based visas. These individuals are those with specific skill sets and certain certifications, as well as those who meet other requirements. This process also requires some action from the potential Louisiana employer as well. Types of employment visas include: 

  • Skilled workers and professionals, including doctors, nurses and physical therapists 
  • Workers who have exceptional skills or abilities, including managers, executives, researchers and professors 
  • Religious workers 
  • Certain types of investors 
  • Those who have National Interest Waivers, including physicians, scientists and those with advanced degrees 

The first step an immigrant will want to take before moving forward is to determine the appropriate type of employment visa for which he or she should apply. 

Assistance at every step 

Applying for a visa for employment-based immigration can be a difficult process. It is in the interests of one starting this process to have the assistance of an experienced Louisiana immigration attorney. Having guidance at every step can ensure one has a higher chance of succeeding at his or her immigration goals.