It’s important to have help with family immigration concerns

United States immigration laws are complex, and they are constantly changing. It can be quite challenging to bring a loved one into the country and reunite a Louisiana family, even in a seemingly straightforward case. Family immigration can be a frustrating and lengthy process, which is why many find it helpful to work with an experienced attorney from the very first steps. 

Those who are U.S. citizens may file a petition to bring a loved one into the United States. This includes a parent, spouse, fiancee, adult child, minor child or sibling. Lawful permanent residents can also petition to bring specific family members into the country, but their options are limited to petitioning for an adult child, spouse or minor child. Immigration also recognizes adoptive and step-family relationships, but there are restrictions on which types of family members can enter the country.

Recent changes in immigration laws made it easier for widowed spouses of U.S. citizens to seek permanent residence in the country regardless of how long they were married before their spouse passed away. Family immigration allows Louisiana families to come together, but it can be difficult to navigate this process alone. From applications and paperwork to filing appeals and navigating challenges, it is important to have experienced legal guidance.

Working with a legal ally knowledgeable in family immigration laws can make it easier for a family to achieve their immigration goals. With so much at stake, it is beneficial to work with someone who understands the process and can help avoid unnecessary setbacks. Before filing a petition to bring a loved one into the country, it may be helpful to seek an explanation of the process and the legal options available.