Reasons for grounds of inadmissibility

There are a lot of reasons why you might have been denied entry to the United States. Understanding why an immigration official decided you were inadmissible is important for fighting the decision. If you are still hoping to live in Louisiana one day, here are some common grounds of inadmissibility and information about waivers.

For a variety of reasons, your health might have been your grounds of inadmissibility. This could be because you have not received certain vaccinations or carry a communicable disease. If vaccinations violate your religious beliefs or are not safe for you, you can request that this requirement be waived. You can also receive a waiver if you have mental or physical disabilities.

Your grounds of inadmissibility could also be related to your finances. This most likely means that you lack certain financial resources and might need public benefits. You may also apply for a waiver in this situation.

If you have a criminal history that can also be used for grounds of inadmissibility. Receiving a waiver for this is more complicated than when dealing with health or financial reasons. A number of factors go into whether a person can get a waiver, like the severity of the offense and when it happened.

Starting the next part of your life in Louisiana may have been put on hold, but it is not necessarily over. Securing a waiver can help you gain access to the United States even if an immigration official previously decided that he or she had grounds to deny you entrance. Waivers for different grounds of inadmissibility require different approaches though, which you can learn more about right here on our website.