US immigration law makes getting visas harder for pregnant women

Some women might find that it is more difficult to get visas than it was in the past. A new U.S. immigration law rule aims to keep out pregnant women who could be planning on giving birth in America. However, it is not exactly clear how immigration officials in Louisiana and elsewhere are going to actually implement this rule.

The change is in response to birth tourism, a practice that involves traveling to the United States specifically to give birth. Women who do participate in this practice generally do so with B visas. B visas can be used for things like short-term visits, tourist activities, business travel and urgent medical treatment. There is still an exception for pregnant women who are traveling for medical care.

Even though most people struggle at some point during the immigration process, young women in particular already find it challenging to get travel visas. Pregnant women will need to provide additional documentation that shows they are not visiting just to have their children in America. But officials are still likely to deny visas to women who they think are close to their due dates.

Citizens of 39 countries can already visit America for up to 90 days without a visa, but The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe that the rule will affect approximately 10,000 people every year. This can be very disheartening for young women who are trying to get B visas to visit Louisiana, especially those who are trying to travel one last time before welcoming their children. Also, since this is a new rule, there might be confusion and miscommunication between embassies and women who are applying for visas. Speaking with a knowledgeable U.S. immigration law attorney could help minimize some of that confusion and worry.