How to avoid fraudulent US immigration services

From applying for visas to appealing orders of removal, submitting any type of document or application can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. U.S. immigration law is an understandably confusing matter to deal with, and it can be easy to make mistakes. It can be tempting to try out methods that seem too good to be true, but this usually causes more problems than anything else and could even constitute fraud. Here are a couple things that immigrants living in Louisiana should do their best to avoid.

Businesses that offer exclusive filing services guaranteeing success should generally be avoided. There is no way to guarantee that a certain method of filing will guarantee a person a visa, green card, employment authorization document or more. Immigrants are also often told that their applications or petitions will be processed faster. Not only are those types of claims not possible, but these businesses usually charge extremely high fees.

It is possible for some individuals living in countries with low immigration rates to the United States to apply for a diversity visa, or a DV. There are only 50,000 DVs available per year, and the recipients are chosen via lottery. Fraudulent businesses may try to target people who qualify by sending unsolicited emails or posting advertisements online. These businesses offer either guaranteed selection or greatly increased odds despite it being impossible. Individuals applying for a DV may only do so through an official application.

U.S. immigration law is complicated and seems to be changing every day. Unfortunately, some fraudulent businesses try to take advantage of this. A Louisiana business that offers guaranteed results on any type of immigration application or issue is not only doing so fraudulently, but could also cause an immigrant to be accused of doing so as well. Those who have questions regarding the immigration or application process can generally find better guidance and expert knowledge from experienced attorneys.