Employment immigration for professors or researchers

Teaching or conducting research at a Louisiana university can be an exciting prospect for the future. However, professionals who have yet to reach the top of their chosen profession often worry that there is not any room for them in employment immigration. If you are a researcher or professor who is currently excelling in your field, you may be surprised to learn that there is a path to immigration specifically for you. 

Individuals who are considered outstanding professors or researchers are in one of the three groups given first preference for EB-1 visas. If you are currently excelling in your field but have yet to reach the top, you may qualify. However, you must have three or more years of experience and be recognized internationally for your academic work. Holding tenure, being on a tenure-track or holding a comparable position as a researcher is also necessary. 

Demonstrating your academic acclaim to individuals outside of your field can be difficult. After all, you have spent years cultivating knowledge on a specific topic which not everyone understands. Using some of the following to demonstrate your international acclaim can be helpful: 

  • Major awards or prizes regarding outstanding achievement 
  • Publication in professional or scholarly journals 
  • Participation as a panel member 
  • Original scientific discoveries or contributions to your field 

Finding the right path through employment immigration is not always easy. However, taking the time to fully consider the visa options at your disposal can ensure that you pursue the correct application. For more information about employment-based immigration opportunities in Louisiana, applications and visas, be sure to visit our website