Does US immigration law limit when I an apply for asylum?

No one should have to fear violence or death for returning to their home, this is the reality for an untold number of people. While this is an extremely distressing situation, applying for asylum can help those currently in Louisiana or who are hoping to make it their future place of residence. Here is what those planning to apply for asylum should know about the process under U.S. immigration law.

Individuals can apply for asylum either at a port-of-entry or while already living in the United States. For those already living in America, the application must usually be made within the first year of a person’s arrival. Exceptions do apply, though, and if a person experiences a significant change in circumstances that affects their eligibility they can apply outside of the one-year limit. Such conditions might include changing conditions in a person’s home country or changes to their own personal situation. Undocumented immigrants can also apply for asylum as long as it is within the time limit.

When applying for asylum, a person has to list both their spouse and any children that they might have. This is true even if a person’s family is not accompanying them or if they are applying for asylum separately. Once a person is granted asylum, they can file a petition for their spouse and children to come to the United States as well.

Asylum applicants do not have to a pay a fee, but accurate completion of the I-589 form is essential. This can be an overwhelming process for a person who is fleeing violence or danger while also adjusting to their new life in Louisiana. An attorney who is experienced in U.S. immigration law can provide valuable help and guidance to those individuals.