Which US immigration law visa should I use for travel?

Traveling to Louisiana for vacation is a popular choice for many international visitors, but obtaining the right visas to do so can be somewhat confusing. While individuals who plan to stay in the United States for extended period of time must obtain immigration visas, visitors need non-immigrant visas. U.S. immigration law grants these visas to visitors under a variety of circumstances. 

The B-2 visitor’s visa is only for those who plan to stay in the U.S. for limited periods of time. This is the visa that tourists will need, but it is also for business professionals who are traveling to the country for conferences and conventions. Individuals seeking medical treatment may also travel with a B-2 visa. This visa can also be used for athletes competing in amateur events or for performers in musical, theatrical or other performances, but only if these individuals will not receive compensation for their efforts. 

There is a certain burden of proof that B-2 visa applicants must take on. These individuals must convince immigration officers that they intend to stay in the United States only briefly and that they have no plans of making their trip into anything permanent. They must also provide documentation that proves the purpose of their trip, as well as the financial ability to cover all related travel costs. This step is crucial, as any denial on the first go-around of applications will make any subsequent attempts more difficult. 

Although some visitors might not need a visa if they plan to stay for a period of 90 days or less, most people traveling from another country to Louisiana for pleasure will need a B-2 visa. Navigating the world of U.S. immigration law is overwhelming and there is often a steep penalty for failing to provide necessary documentation. Working with an attorney experienced in such matters can help ensure that hopeful travelers submit the most complete application possible.