Employment immigration for businesses

Immigrants are an integral part of the Louisiana economy. Many businesses rely on these workers to fill specific roles within their companies. Without immigrants, some companies would simply not be able to continue operations. Employment immigration may be an ideal option for getting the right people here, but it can be a complicated matter.

If your company needs to fill a position that requires a bachelor’s degree in that specific field and hires someone from outside the United States, you can apply for an H-1B visa on that individual’s behalf. These are typically for professionals who work in a specialty field and who have completed the normal training or education requirements. Such fields can range from doctors and pharmacists to librarians and teachers.

Helping a professional from either Mexico or Canada get a temporary work permit can be a little more straightforward than you might expect. Because of the North American Free Trade Agreement’s visa treaty with Canada and Mexico, you can offer a position to professionals from these countries and then apply for a TN visa. This process is simpler and quicker than many other forms of work visas.

You need the best person for your business, and that sometimes means looking outside of Louisiana or the United States altogether. Once you find the ideal candidate, your company can help the selected person apply for and achieve the correct work permits and visas. However, mistakes such as filing the wrong paperwork or submitting to the wrong agency can delay an already slow process, so seeking help with employment immigration early on is usually a good idea.