Is employment immigration right for you?

Employment-based immigration is a popular choice for many people hoping to make the United States their permanent home. Although Louisiana is almost certainly always in need of skilled workers, there are a limited number of spaces for this process. Nationwide, only 140,000 people can utilize employment immigration every year, which may leave you understandably worried about your options. 

To become a permanent resident through employment, your future employer needs to reach out to the U.S. Department of Labor to obtain a labor certification. Your employer will also do the petitioning with immigration services. After this, you will need to seek the status of Lawful Permanent Resident with the immigration service. Depending on your situation, you may also apply for an adjustment of your status to obtain a green card. 

Many different kinds of workers immigrate for work every year. Depending on your work, you will fall into one of five different employment-based categories. These include Workers of Extraordinary or Exceptional Ability, Workers with Advanced Degrees and even Religious Workers. Other categories with more specific worker requirements – – included Workers of Exceptional Ability in the Sciences, Arts or Business — exist. 

Although the process for employment immigration is relatively straightforward, each step requires careful attention to deadlines, paperwork and other important information. The limited number of spaces also puts a stress on the system, which can create a backlog for certain employment categories. This can be stressful for those hoping to make Louisiana their home through employment immigration, but expert guidance from counsels who are knowledgeable in immigration law can make the process proceed more readily.