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November 2017 Archives

Louisiana sees drop in international students

It appears that international student enrollment may be on the decline in Louisiana. As part of its 2017 Open Doors report, the Institute of International Education put out fact sheets on the states. The fact sheet for Louisiana puts the number of international students in the state at 7,698.

Ending of TPS protections for Nicaraguans announced

Certain things could leave a foreign national staying here in the U.S. concerned about their future in the country. One such thing is an immigration program that provided them with benefits ending. There are a variety of impacts losing such benefits could have. In some instances, they could lead to a person facing deportation in the future.

Policy change made regarding nonimmigrant work visa renewals

One of the ways a person from another country can get permission to work in America is through being granted a nonimmigrant work visa. These visas allow a person legal status to live and work in the U.S. on a temporary basis. How long the visa lasts depends on the type of work visa it is and the specific terms of the visa.